Cenotillo is characterized by its tranquility for the most part of the year, because a big part of its population migrated to the United States chasing the American dream.

During 2012 a group of young men and women, by own initiative, started to clean and monitor the cenotes of the community on a weekly basis.

With an entrepreneurial vision and with the aim to employ themselves, this group looked for the support of the National Commission for the Development of Indigenous Peoples (CDI) to start the touristic project in the cenote known today as “Xooch”.

This initiative originated because of a group of 16 young men a and women detected the touristic potential of the cenote, as there weren’t any open nearby.

Thanks to the first financial support they started to adapt the cenote to ease the access for tourists. With a second financial support they built cabins near the community, which are available for any visitor who wants to stay overnight.

Research continues in the cenote, since there is a cave in its interior where Mayan vestiges have been found.

About the location

To get to the cenote it is necessary to make a 40-minute bike or 30-minute car ride from the central square of Cenotillo.

This cenote is unique because of its natural beauty and tranquility, due to the low visitor numbers that give it a touch of intimacy with nature.

The cenote has a pitcher shape and is surrounded by a wide biodiversity. It is necessary to descend through a 15-meter-tall staircase to finally enjoy its crystal-clear waters.

Offered activities:

  • Swimming in cenote.
  • Lodging in cabins.
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