The organization is constituted to complement the restauration and conservation actions that the Ejido San Crisanto started in 2001, as part of the proposal “San Crisanto, a sustainable development project”.

They have worked in wetland and mangrove conservation programs, local development and environmental education programs. They have obtained resources from the North American Wetlands Conservation Council (NAWCC), the Small Grants Programme from the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), the Environment and Natural Resources Secretariat of Mexico (SEMARNAT) and the local town hall.

About the location

San Crisanto is a small coastal community and home to about 150 families. The Ejido produces salt and copra on the common lands. You will navigate through the mangrove channels in the day and at night, cherish the ecosystem’s flora and fauna diversity and richness, visit the salt swamps and the coconut plantation with a local guide, participate in different coconut-based jewelry, sculpture and gastronomy workshops to get to know the products from San Crisanto and their elaboration process.

To put the perfect end to your visit to San Crisanto, you´ll enjoy a party organized by the employees. That way you´ll be able to share the joy of a truly Yucatecan fiesta with dancing, music and traditional cuisine.

Offered activities:

  • Day and night tours through the mangroves
  • Tour to the saltworks and the coconut plantation
  • Fishing-tour.
  • Coconut workshops (jewelry, handcrafts, cuisine).
  • Accommodation in cabins or at the campsite.
  • Traditional seafood dishes.
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