The cooperative started as a touristic project by the community, with a forestry management model to promote natural resources management and to share their culture with any visitor who is interested in learning about their particular way of life.


Turismo Indígena (Indigenous Tourism) San Agustín is part of the Biocultural State Reserve Puuc, an area of more than 135.000 hectares protected since 2014. It is an indigenous and peasant organization of ejidatarios (communal land holders) in the community of San Agustín, 40 km from the city of Tekax, dedicated to tourism with activities like embroidery and textile handcrafts as well as charcoal production. It also has a sawmill to produce wood furniture under a logging permit.

Hunting and the extraction of flora and fauna are prohibited.

Offered activities:

  • Local tour guides.
  • Community-based tours of the plots, honey harvest, archeological site, nixtamal and the gardens of the Mayan residents.
  • Restaurant with traditional dishes.
  • Bike rental.
  • Accommodation at the campsite.
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