Pujulá Aldea Maya Viva started in 2012 with the idea to become a theme park, nonetheless, it wasn´t until 2017 that the cooperative was constituted. Sixto Mazón decided to build the first palapa of the park, for which he searched for a constructor that could build a palapa with the traditional Mayan customs. When he couldn´t find anyone to do so, he realized that there were many traditions that were getting lost in the community, so he asked his brother for help, with whom he consolidated the project.

The first financial support came thanks to the Kellogg Foundation, with which a meliponary (beehive) was built. Over time, the project became part of the COTACY (Alternative Community-based Tourism Council of Yucatan), where Antonio Rivera served as its representative, later becoming part of Co’ox Mayab.

About the location

Kaua is a small rural town in Yucatan, where the cooperative Pujulá Aldea Maya invites you to learn about the construction process of the traditional Mayan house and the fabrication of everyday utensils like wood “bateas” and handcrafts made from bejuco.

Later you’ll be able to take a refreshing swim in the cenotes of the neighbouring town of Kaua, an ideal place to escape from the day-to-day city hustle and rest in a fresh and relaxing environment.

Offered activities:

  • Tour ‘the traditional wisdom of Yucatan” (Mayan house and everyday utensils)
  • Tour through the irrigarion systems
* To book this tour, please contact us with 5 days in advance.
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