River Flamingo Tours is a social enterprise integrated by 5 partners that operated initially as an independent work group without legal personality. As the time passed, they were able to consolidate their legal status, becoming a cooperative.

The aim of the foundation of this cooperative was to achieve a bigger presence in the social, cultural, and economic areas of the region. This would let them be eligible to receive national and international funding for the strengthening of the group and a higher quality of life.

The cooperative has boats that are specially adapted to provide touristic services at the ria. The cooperative joined Co’ox Mayab by the invitation of Samuel Jouault and Ulyses Huesca.

About the location

Río Lagartos is a fishing port that lies in the heart of the Biosphere Reserve “Ría Lagartos”. It has a population of about 6,000 inhabitants. It’s a place where a gentle breeze blows, where tranquility prevails as does the hospitality of the local people.

It has the perfect tropical weather to enjoy the activities at the ria. The biosphere reserve is unique of its kind, due to its great flora and fauna diversity, an important stripe of mangrove and its diverse ecosystems.

The biosphere reserve is the only nesting area of the American Flamingo in the Yucatan Peninsula. It has a wide coastal area where you’ll be able to enjoy its beautiful beaches, do some birdwatching and visit the pink lagoons in Las Coloradas.

You´ll enjoy a delicious fresh seafood meal while admiring the beautiful and unique landscape.

Offered activities:

  • Flamingo sightseeing tours through the ria.
  • Nightly crocodile sightseeing tour.
  • Sport fishing.
  • Beach tour.
  • Birdwatching tour.
  • Maya-Spa Tour.
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