The project began in 2008 due to the low yield of the fishing production, a group of fishermen decided to act together and start a touristic project that later on would become a cooperative. They received financial support from institutions like the CONAFOR (National Forestry Commission) and the Tourism Secretariat of Mexico, who gave their support to the promotion and diffusion of the project.

Moreover, the cooperative began to pay for the maintenance of the boats, as well as for insurance that could give reassurance to the visitors. The project was part of the Alternative Community-based Tourism Council of Yucatan (COTACY), hence it has been part of Co’ox Mayab since its beginnings in 2015.

About the location

The port of San Felipe is located on the east coast of the Yucatan, it has an ideal tropical climate to relax on the sand and take a refreshing swim in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico, while you discover the different fishing, breeding and selling techniques of various marine species.

The cooperative San Felipe y Naturaleza invites you to visit a small island with a wide biodiversity in front of the ria and enjoy a white sand beach. You’ll also visit the “ojo de agua” (waterhole) Kambulnah, a sweet water outlet surrounded by salt water of the Gulf, and the small archaeological site of Isla Cerritos. You´ll enjoy a traditional seafood meal while you admire the tropical landscape at the beach.

Offered activities:

  • Day and night tours to the mangroves.
  • Sport fishing tour.
  • Traditional seafood dishes.
  • Camping inside the nature reserve.
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