Yaax Tekit, “recreation place” in Mayan, was one of the 13 cities founded by the kingdom of the Tutul Xiues during the prehispanic era. It is located 68 km south of Mérida and 20 km away from the Mayan city of Mayapán. The main economic activity is the production of traditional clothing such as guayaberas, filipinas and dresses. The touristic Project started in 2015 with the invitation of ALTER A.C. to offer its attractions through workshops and community-based tours.

The group consolidated as “Cooperativa Yaax Tekit”, that means “Green Tekit” in Mayan, is integrated by 6 partners. As part of the environment conservation works, some partners teach children of the community the importance bird preservation and its benefits.

About the location

Tekit has a population of approximately 15.000 inhabitants. In Yaax Tekit you’ll discover the everyday life of this town that revolves around the beautiful church, the market and some small businesses. You’ll visit a guayaberas factory and participate in a cross-stitch embroidery workshop, a technique used to confect the huipil and terno, both traditional Mayan women’s clothing for everyday life and special events, respectively.

You´ll discover self-consumption agriculture in a local plot, where you´ll be able to see and taste some regional cultivations like dragon fruit, lemon, orange, watermelon and avocado. You’ll also get to know the work of the Melipona bees, known for their lack of stinger and for their honey with healing properties.

Offered activities:

  • Community-based tour (plot, bakery, embroidery, guayaberas factory).
  • Visit to the local cenote.
  • Accommodation in houses of the community.
  • Traditional dishes.
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