We are a union of cooperative societies committed to the practice of responsible, supportive, fair and conscious tourism through the dissemination, marketing, governance and strengthening of organizations dedicated to community-based tourism in Yucatan. We promote: 1. Responsible tourism that considers good tourism practices that reduce the impact generated by the activity.

2. A solidary encounter that opens the approach to the social reality and coexistence, promoting intercultural dialogue.

3. A fair trade where public and private institutions cooperate with local organizations, ensuring an equitable distribution of the benefits generated by tourism.

4. A conscious trip as an experience that contributes to personal growth, through the coexistence between the visitor, the local and the biocultural heritage.

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¿Por qué viajar con Co'ox Mayab?

Podrás conocer la historia del pueblo maya desde la época prehispánica hasta la actualidad, para entender la realidad de la cultura maya hoy en día.
You will also help to consolidate a model of tourism that contributes directly to the local development of the communities.

Descubrirá Yucatán desde una perspectiva local.

Conocerá el patrimonio biocultural de la región.

Los ingresos de tu viaje se distribuirán de forma más equitativa.

Contribuirás a reforzar una iniciativa democrática de base.


Organice su viaje

Si quieres empezar tu viaje, dinos qué destinos te interesan y qué actividades te gustaría hacer y te haremos una propuesta.

Planea tu viaje


Lea lo último sobre nuestra iniciativa.

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Childhood in nature

Building conscious childhoods through community-based tourism. Children are an indispensable part of communities, with minds that are curious, creative and exploratory by nature. They travel, discover, play, invent; they take advantage of every space to build in it. In indigenous communities, children actively participate in …

Yucatan blue gold: a vital resource we must preserve

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