Dr. Jigang Bao visits Co’ox Mayab

Last Thursday April 4 we received the visit of Dr. Jigang Bao, dean of the Graduate School and professor-researcher of the School of Tourism and Administration of the Sun Yat-Sen University, in Guangzhou, China. The objective of the visit was to share our experiences in strengthening alternative community-based tourism in Yucatan through the integrative company Co’ox Mayab.

The meeting with Dr. Bao began with the promotional video of the initiative, followed by a brief explanation of its background, main objectives and lines of action, the geographic dispersion of its members and the organizational and commercial challenges it faces, to end with an overview of a regional vision of alternative community-based tourism in the medium and long term.

We believe that Co’ox Mayab can support and, in turn, be enriched by learning from similar efforts in other parts of the world. Therefore, this visit opens the opportunity not only to share knowledge but also to foster, through tourism, learning experiences aimed at students of tourism and related areas, at local, national and international levels, which will lead to a better understanding of the impact of this activity on local communities.

The small committee representing Co’ox Mayab was made up by the diversity of actors that are part of the initiative: Gloria Dzib Collí, founding partner; Jan Martín Müller, Lizeth Marmolejo and Nancy Domínguez, students from the Autonomous University of Yucatán (UADY); and Carolina Canto, coordinator of the operative team.

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