Immerse in the Magic of Cenote X’Canché

If you are looking for a unique experience in Yucatan, you can’t miss the impressive Cenote X’Canché. Located just 3 kilometers from the picturesque town of Ek Balam and a few steps from the famous archaeological site, this semi-open cenote awaits you with its crystal clear waters and exciting activities.

Pedaling to Adventure

To get to Cenote X’Canché, you have the option of walking along a beautiful 1.5 kilometer trail or renting bicycles or tricycle cabs (tuk tuks) for a more exciting ride. With the cool breeze of the jungle caressing your face, you will enter a natural oasis that will captivate you from the first moment.

Activities for All Tastes

Once at the cenote, you can dive into its refreshing waters and enjoy a pleasant swim surrounded by nature. But the fun doesn’t end there. If you are an adrenaline lover, you can try exciting activities such as rappelling and zip-lining, which will allow you to enjoy spectacular views from the heights.

Activities and services

  • Cenote swimming
  • Rafting and zip line
  • Bicycle tours
  • Restaurant with traditional dishes

Discover the cenote X Canché

Combine nature with the culture of the people of Ek Balam.

1 Day
$1455 $1455

Discover the richness of the Maya communities by visiting the community of Ek Balam. Learn how to weave a hammock, sew and prepare tortillas by hand. Discover the impressive X'Canché cenote and the archaeological site of Ek Balam.

Gastronomic Delights of Yucatan

After so much excitement, a well-deserved rest awaits you in a cozy palapa with hammocks where you can relax and enjoy the shade. In addition, the parador has a restaurant that offers delicious traditional Yucatecan dishes. How about a taste of the rich local gastronomy after your adventures?

An Encounter with Nature

Cenote X’Canché is not only a place for fun and adventure, but also a space where nature and Mayan traditions are intertwined in harmony. Its location in the middle of the jungle and the respectful attention to the local flora and fauna make this place a true ecological paradise.

Responsible and Sustainable Travel

By visiting Cenote X’Canché, we invite you to be part of the community’s commitment to responsible and sustainable tourism. The cooperative that manages the cenote is concerned about environmental conservation, implementing waste separation practices, monitoring of flora and fauna, and reforestation, among other actions.

How to get to the Adventure

To get to Cenote X’Canché, you can use public transportation from Valladolid and take a shuttle to the archaeological site of Ek Balam. If you prefer a more private trip, you can drive from Valladolid to Tizimín and follow the signs to the archaeological site. From Cancun or Merida, take the highway that connects both cities and look for the turnoff to Tizimín, where you will find the signs to Ek Balam.

A Hidden Treasure to be Discovered

Cenote X’Canché awaits you with open arms to offer you a unique and memorable experience in Yucatán. From its refreshing waters to the exciting adventure activities, this natural oasis has everything you need to make your visit unforgettable. Don’t wait any longer and come and experience the magic of Cenote X’Canché!

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