Keeping Mayan wisdom alive.

Between Chichén Itzá and Valladolid you can find in the middle of the road ‘Pujulá Aldea Maya Viva’, a community project located in the town of Kaua. The site consists of a series of small rustic palapas, built using the traditional construction techniques of Mayan houses.

The cooperative offers traditional Yucatecan dishes such as poc chuc and Sopa de Lima, in addition to dedicating itself to rescuing the traditional practices and knowledge of the Mayan people. Their community tours offer the opportunity to learn about the manufacturing process of various kitchen utensils and household tools made from vines and sosquil, wooden trays, as well as the production of vegetables in the kanché (garden).

Don Sixto and his family see tourism as a way to revalue and preserve traditional practices, sharing with visitors the traditional knowledge and biocultural heritage of the Mayan people.

Activities and services

  • Community tour about traditional wisdom: the Mayan hosue, the work with vines and production of utensils
  • Restaurant with traditional dishes
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