Discover this practically secret natural jewel in the state of Yucatan. Cenotillo, a region rich in cenotes and with a mixed culture between Mayan and American, is also home to the amazing natural wonder, Cenote Xooch.

Why Visit Cenotillo?

Cenotillo is a place full of history and natural beauty. Its name comes from the large number of cenotes that surround it, being the Xooch Cenote the most special of the region for its size and the exuberant nature that surrounds it.

This region offers a combination of traditional Yucatecan and American culture as the town offers “Chinese food” and other options that locals learned from working in large restaurants, a legacy of their long history of migration to the United States.

Xooch Cenote

Cenote Xooch is a unique natural wonder in Yucatan. With a water mirror of approximately 60m in diameter and surrounded by exuberant nature, it offers an almost exclusive swimming experience, since very few visitors dare to reach this hidden place.

To get to Cenote Xooch, you must venture on a 4km bike ride from the center of Cenotillo. Upon arrival, you will find a cool guano palapa to catch your breath before diving into the crystal clear waters.

Activities and Services

Cenotillo offers a variety of activities and services for its visitors:

  • Swimming in cenote
  • Bicycle tour
  • Lodging in cabins and camping
  • Traditional food

Discover Cenotillo

Breathtaking nature.

Cenote Xooch
1 Day
$740 $740

For adventure lovers: bike to the incredible Cenote Xooch, where you will have the entire cenote to swim in. Enjoy a delicious lunch in a local house and stop in Izamal to discover this beautiful magical town.

Traditional toys workshop

One of the most attractive workshops that the cooperative has prepared is the demonstration of a local artisan known as “El Duende”, the last toy maker in town who, through a 100% handcrafted workshop made of ropes, wood and wood, creates spinning tops, balls and other antique toys that children loved in ancient times.

Cabins in the middle of the tranquility of the Village

In the tourist center of the cooperative there are three cabins with private bathrooms available to welcome any visitor who wishes to spend the night and enjoy the tranquility of the village.

These cabins are located 5 kilometers from the Cenote, at the edge of town, they are double based with two beds and have electricity service as well, they have a fan. This center also has a space under a palapa that can be used as a multi-purpose space for groups or even for workshops.

A Commitment to Conservation

The town of Cenotillo is committed to the conservation of its cenotes. In 2012, a group of young people initiated a project to clean and monitor the town’s cenotes on a weekly basis, which eventually led to the creation of Cenote Xooch.

This group of young entrepreneurs saw in voluntary conservation an opportunity to generate their own jobs and not have to migrate, giving rise to the project “Alianza Ambiental Ts’ono’ot kaaj de Cenotillo”, whose commercial name is “Cenote Xooch”.

The Benefits of Tourism in Cenotillo

Tourism in Cenotillo not only benefits the local community, but also allows visitors to discover the natural and cultural riches of the region.

Through its participation in the Co’ox Mayab community tourism network and the Peninsular Alliance for Community Tourism, Cenotillo has been able to share its culture and traditions with members of other cooperatives, while learning from other communities.

Visiting Cenotillo is not only an opportunity to discover the incredible natural beauty of Yucatan, but also contributes to the well-being of the community.

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