Real learning scenario.

Rancho Hobonil (place of the hobones, hollow logs) is a University Unit of Social Insertion (UUIS, in Spanish) of the Autonomous University of Yucatan. It is located near Tzucacab, in the south of the Yucatan, and has several agricultural production units, traditional gardens, cornfields, wells, caves and forests; as well as accommodation services in cabins and traditional dishes.

Rancho Hobonil provides students and academics with adequate spaces for education, research and extension activities, being the base of programs for community development, environmental care, rescue and revaluation of the Mayan culture.

The ranch is open to any person interested in getting to know the place, carrying out activities in contact with nature and appreciating the biocultural heritage of the region.

Activities and services

  • Visit to the ranch’s productive systems
  • Accommodation in cabins and camping
  • Traditional dishes
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