San Agustín

Time to (dis)connect. San Agustín is a small Mayan community located in the heart of the Puuc Biocultural State Reserve in the southern Yucatan. Away from the main urban centers and with little communication, the local cooperative offers the opportunity to disconnect and enjoy the …


The incredible in the everyday life. Tekit is a town known for the making of traditional Yucatecan garments such as the guayaberas, filipinas, hipiles and embroidered blouses. It is located south of Merida, near the archaeological site of Mayapan. You can get into the local …

Ek Balam

A great little community. The community of Ek Balam is located a couple of kilometers from the archaeological site of the same name. The locals preserve many ancient Mayan traditions such as the milpa (a mesoamerican crop growing system), machine embroidery, hammock weaving, and tortilla …

San Crisanto

To the rhythm of the sea waves. San Crisanto is a small coastal town where approximately 150 families live. The ejido (community-based organization) produces salt and copra on common land, making it a unique tropical landscape to be discovered. You can navigate the mangrove channels …

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