We know that when traveling there are always doubts about where we are going and what we hope to find. We’ve compiled the most frequently asked questions so that you can be sure that you won’t be lacking anything on your trip to the Yucatan with us.

1.- What type of clothing should I take?

For daytime travel, comfortable clothing (T-shirt/short sleeve shirt) and shorts are recommended, as well as comfortable walking shoes. If you are going to spend the night, you can also take a pair of pants and a small sweater for “heladez” (slang for cold in the Yucatan). To visit cenotes and the coast you can’t forget your swimsuit.

2.- What type of food is served in the cooperatives?

The cooperatives serve traditional Yucatecan dishes and snacks made with local products. The main ingredients are corn, beans, onions, pork, chicken and in the coast, seafood; seasonings such as annatto, pepper, oregano, cumin and cloves. And of course, the habanero pepper sauce is a must!

If you have any allergies or special diets, let us know so that the cooperative can prepare something special for you.

3.- How’s the climate in the Yucatan?

The climate in Yucatan is tropical, with marked seasons, dry (November-May) and wet (June-October). The most pleasant months to visit Yucatan are between November and February, as temperatures are not usually so high.

The hottest months are between April and August, so we recommend that you include a visit to our cenotes in your trips.

4.- What additional things should I take on my trip?

Wear comfortable clothes and shoes for walking, as well as a hat or cap and sunglasses. Don’t forget your sunscreen and mosquito repellent, use biodegradable products if possible.

If you are going to do activities in the jungle such as hiking or bird watching, we recommend that you wear pants, long-sleeved shirts and closed-toe shoes to avoid insect bites.

Another important thing is to carry a reusable water bottle or canteen, to hydrate yourself and avoid generating more garbage.

5.- How can I pay for my trip?

When buying on our website, payment is made through the secure payment platform PayPal. We also accept cash payments, deposits and transfers. Please contact us at ventas@cooxmayab.com if you need assistance.

Out of respect for our partners’ time and to avoid replacing their traditional activities with tourism, always consider making payment at least two days in advance of your travel date in order to guarantee the availability of services in the communities.

6.- Is it more expensive to book with you?

Co’ox Mayab is the marketing wing powered by the same partner cooperatives. We are dedicated to organizing travel, managing payments, providing expert care and personalizing your travel experience. In addition, we are dedicated to promoting and training our member cooperatives with the income we earn, as they are the very owners of this organization.

You can make your trip by going directly to some cooperatives (because not all of them are always open), the prices will be approximately the same, the difference lies in the costs of transportation and specialized guides.

By traveling with us you support a democratic initiative whose profits return to the cooperatives in the form of training and infrastructure.

7.- Can I cancel or change the date of my trip?

Yes, but depending on how far in advance you do so, you may be refunded the full amount of your reservation or a portion of it, with the exception of cancellations made on the day of your trip. Our reservation and cancellation policies are displayed/sent at the time of booking.

8.- Why do I have to book at least 2 days in advance?

Many of the cooperatives are not entirely dedicated to receiving visitors, so their members engage in activities such as farming, fishing, among others. By booking in advance they can organize to receive you, and thus obtain a complementary income from tourism without having to abandon their main activities. We also need time to book the vehicles and guides to allow us to offer you a better service.