Alison – Canada

We took two Co’ox Mayab tours and they were both great. Each tour segment is very well thought out, so that it’s like taking several tours in one day. We did the Maya of Today/Yesterday and the Flavours of Honey and Coconut. When your tour includes eating grapefruit and oranges that were just picked from the tree, or special stops for coconut candies, you know it’s good! The beach segment of the Honey/Coconut tour didn’t work out because of the smelly seaweed, but our tour guide Jan made up for it with a beautiful drive home along the coast, complete with spectacular sunset. The important thing about these tours is that they are connected with the communities you visit, so that benefits go back to the communities. But aside from that, they’re just fun and we hope to do more next time we’re in Merida. Highlights of both tours were the bee experiences, and the small-scale nature of the activities (especially the guayabera workshop) was fascinating. Highly recommended!

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